In addition to class-room knowledge, the students of this era are required to have a good understanding of state of the art industry and professional fields. Knowing the fact, UOT has established an Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) under the umbrella of ORIC in order to facilitate the students to have industrial visits during the course of studies. The ILO will also be responsible to find suitable internship opportunities for the graduates and help them towards employability after the graduation.

The office will have the following major objectives.

  1. To create linkages with the local and national industries & organization.
  2. To arrange open houses at the end of each regular semester (Fall & Spring) for job purposes.
  3. To support faculty for arranging visit and meeting with local and national industries.
  4. To help students cope with continues changes in the professional world.
  5. To help students develop a realistic attitude toward the dignity of all work and workers.
  6. To help students understand their unique abilities, interests, and aptitudes.
  7. To help students develop a realistic understanding of themselves in regard to decision making and career alternatives.
  8. To provide up-to-date occupational information and other labor market data.
  9. To provide the opportunity for students to become acquainted with a wide range of occupational and educational opportunities.
  10. To provide information about jobs in order to assist students in making long-range educational and career plans.
  11. To assist students in making appropriate educational and occupational choices.
  12. To provide appropriate follow up information.

“VC UoT Nowshera Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Khan Meets CEO KPEZDMC for Industrial Collaboration”

“VC Meeting With KPEZDMC To Arrange Supervised Industrial Training For Students Of UoT, Nowshera”

Students visits  

  1. Students Visit To Askari Cement Factory Nizampur and Students Visit to Locomotive Factory Risalpur.

Students Visit To “Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project” and “Students Visit To FF Steel Peshawar”