The following eight criteria are prescribed by HEC for developing Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) of every program offered in the university and need to be submitted on a continuous basis for quality assessment and enhancement.

  1. Program Mission, Objectives and Outcomes
  2. Curriculum Design and Organization
  3. Laboratories and Computing Facilities
  4. Student Support and Guidance
  5. Process Control
  6. Faculty
  7. Institutional Facilities
  8. Institutional Support


The Program Team (PT) members along concern HoD prepares SAR on the format and guidelines provided by the National Technology Council (NTC) Islamabad. The NTC evaluates the SARs and then performs physical visits to the department for the accreditation. After the visit, the NTC compiles a report with all possible observations and sends it to the university for corrective actions.  A comprehensive compliance report is submitted from the department to NTC in response to the observation report. The corrective actions are implemented in this manner, hence enhancing the Quality.

NTC Criterion for Self-Assessment: 

Criterion 1 – Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Criterion 2 – Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Criterion 3 – Curriculum and Learning Process

Criterion 4 – Students

Criterion 5 – Faculty and Support Staff

Criterion 6 – Facilities and Infrastructure

Criterion 7 – Institutional Support and Financial Resources

Criterion 8 – Continuous Quality Improvement

Criterion 9 – Industrial Linkages