Quality Assurance

QEC is structured to have a focused attention on quality assurance aspects of higher education:-

  1. To monitor the ongoing/continuous quality of the degree awarding programs of the university.
  2. To meet the challenges of global compatibility in higher education.
  3. To develop a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality assurance in higher education.

Quality Assurance Tool Kit

  • QAA-HEC Self Assessment Manual

Self Assessment Feedback Forms

  1. Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  2. Faculty Course Review Report
  3. Survey of Graduating Students
  4. Research Student Progress Review Form
  5. Faculty Survey
  6. Survey of Department Offering Ph.D. Programs
  7. Alumni Survey
  8. Employer Survey
  9. Faculty Resume
  10. Teacher Evaluation Form

Quality Management System

QEC has been actively involved in establishing and implementing Quality Management System and its applicable standards at UoT Nowshera. Through this program, all activities leading to accreditation and certification are regulated and supervised by the QEC.