The government of Pakistan started Ehsaas Undergradu ate Scholarship Project (EUSP) to support undergraduate level students who are unable to pursue university education due to limited financial resources.The EUSP focuses on the 4-year undergraduate program, unlike past financial assistance schemes that were aimed at postgraduate programs. The scholarship covers university tuition fees and stipends throughout the 4-year degree duration. It is a significant step to guarantee affordable higher education in all major fields of education including Bachelors in Engineering Technologies. It anticipates to create a drive for education among those students who belong to poor families and have discontinued studies due to limited financial issues.

In the first phase of EUSP, 230 students from UoT Nowshera applied for the scholarships from all batches and all departments. After scrutiny of their documents, 185 students were shortlisted for interviews conducted by Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) and 159 most deserving students have been selected for the award of scholarships which covers university tuition fees and a stipend of Rs. 40000 per year. As there are no female students at UoT Nowshera, therefore all 50% of scholarships reserved for them were awarded to male students. The second phase of EUSP will be announced on time and students of UoT Nowshera will apply on HEC website before the deadline.

Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zaffar M. Khan Distributing EHSAAS Scholarship Cheques to Deserving Students